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Junk Boat Removal

Junk Boat Removal Service

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How We Work in FIVE Steps!

We like to keep it simple with our boat removal service. So simple, we narrowed it down to just FIVE easy steps:




Junk Boat Removal in Cape Coral, Fort Myers and Surrounding Areas

Got an old, unused, or damaged boat taking up space? We’ve got you covered! 239 Junk Removal offers junk boat removal and boat disposal services to the residents of Fort Myers, Cape Coral, and Naples. Our boat removal service will help you get your space and your sanity back by removing any unwanted boat from your property.

Whether it’s an old fishing boat, a sinking sailboat, an old boat, or any other type of boat that’s outlived its purpose, we can handle it all. We know the challenges of boat removal and have the right tools and expertise to make the process easy and stress-free.

Serving the beautiful coastal areas of Fort Myers, Cape Coral, and Naples, we pride ourselves on customer satisfaction. Our professional and reliable services make us the go-to choice for all your unwanted vessel needs. Don’t let that unwanted boat take up space and stress you out. Find out how we can help with your boat removal.

Stranded, On-shore and Grounded Boats​

Stranded, On-shore and Grounded Boats

At 239 Junk Removal, we know boats can end up in all sorts of trouble, becoming unwanted vessels that need proper disposal, and that’s why our services go beyond just regular removals. Whether you need to remove boats that are stranded, onshore, or grounded we have the expertise and equipment to handle it all.

Stranded boats can be a big problem, often requiring specialized techniques and tools to remove safely and without causing further damage to the environment or the boat itself. We have experience in managing these situations and will remove your stranded boat without causing any more harm.

Submerged, Foundering or Sunken Vessels

Removing submerged, sunken, or foundering vessels, which can become a navigational hazard, requires specialized skills and equipment. Our team has the equipment to handle these tough situations quickly and safe.

Submerged boats, partially or fully underwater, are a risk. We use advanced techniques and equipment to carefully lift and remove these vessels and minimize environmental impact and damage.

Submerged, Foundering or Sunken Vessels​

Sunken boats can be the most challenging, often sitting on the seabed or riverbed. Our experienced team is trained to handle these complex removals using underwater recovery methods to lift the boat to the surface and transport it safely.

Foundering boats that are sinking or have taken on water need attention fast. We respond quickly to stabilize and remove these boats so they are removed safely and quickly before things get any worse.

We pride ourselves on full and professional service so we can handle any boat removal situation.

How it Works

The boat removal process starts with an assessment of the old boat’s condition and location. For abandoned boats and other unwanted boats, the boat owner or responsible party contacts a removal service to get the process started. Most boats whether submerged, stranded, or grounded can be handled by experienced professionals who do this type of work.

The team will do a full assessment, taking into account the type of vessel, size, and condition. This information will help us formulate a plan to remove the boat and minimize environmental impact safely. We will also follow local regulations and obtain any necessary permits to comply with the law.

We use specialized equipment such as cranes, barges, and lifting bags to lift and transport the boat from the waterways to a disposal site. Safe and efficient transportation of the vessel is key to avoiding any further damage or environmental impact.

Once removed the boat is taken to a disposal facility where it is dismantled and recycled or disposed of properly. Proper disposal is important to prevent environmental harm and to ensure the remnants of the boat don’t pose any further risk.

This full boat removal process ensures unwanted vessels are removed fast and properly from the waterways and environment.

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Why Choose 239 Junk for Vessel Removal?

239 Junk Removal is a junk removal company in Lee and Collier County, we offer full boat removal services. Our honest and fast team will provide top service at a fair price. As a local company, we take pride in serving our community and work 7 days a week to meet your needs. We value our customers and will give you the best service for your money. When you choose us you pay for quality and reliability. For any junk or boat removal call 239 Junk Removal and experience it for yourself.

Where Do We Take Junk Vessels?

When boats are taken to the landfill they go through a process to be disposed of properly. First, hazardous materials like engine oil and fuel are removed to prevent environmental impact. The boat is then dismantled and reusable parts are salvaged. Non-recyclable parts are treated as waste and disposed of according to environmental regulations. This ensures everything is handled properly. Boat removal services facilitate this process so boat owners can ensure their old boats are disposed of environmentally friendly and minimize the risk of hazardous substances.

Boat Removal Service Area

We can remove your junk boat anywhere in Lee and Collier County. Whether you have a cracked hull, washed up after a storm and now a navigation hazard, or just want to free up space here’s the list of cities we service:


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