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Junk Removal in Punta Gorda, Florida

Junk Removal in Punta Gorda, Florida

Are you feeling overwhelmed by your old stuff, piling up over time? Wishing you could wave a magic wand and have it all whisked away, maybe even today?

If you nodded along and are ready to call 239 Junk Removal? We’re here with big smiles, ready to lend a hand!

Our team has been part of the Punta Gorda community for 3+ years now, specializing in all things junk removal. Whether it’s saying goodbye to that old mattress, parting with worn-out furniture, or tackling a complete home cleanse before a move, we’re the junk hauling professionals who’ve got your back. 

Have a look below to see how our Punta Gorda junk removal services can help you!


household junk


Do you need some junk removed from your apartment, condo, or house? We've been in business for over 3 years now, serving the Punta Gorda community from day one. There's nothing we can't handle.

If it's a regular refrigerator, stove, couch, bookshelf, general trash, or any other items you need hauled away from your place, consider it done! We're here to help.

Our vehicle come equipped with enough space for up to 4 bedroom house worth of junk.

office junk


Our dedicated team specializes in efficiently clearing out clutter, old inventory, and unwanted items, creating a clean and inviting environment for your business to thrive.

With a proven track record of reliability and professionalism, we tailor our services to your schedule, ensuring minimal disruption to your operations (whether you are moving IN, or moving OUT).

No matter where you are in Punta Gorda, choose us for a seamless and stress-free junk removal experience, allowing you to reclaim valuable space and focus on what matters most – growing your business.

construction debris in room

Construction DEBRIS

When it comes down to taking care of construction debris in Punta Gorda, we know a thing or two from dealing with hundreds of customers.

No matter where the construction or renovation debris is located, we are equipped to tackle and load up ever last piece.

If you are a Punta Gorda resident and you'd like to get your construction debris removed as early as today, be sure to give us a call at 239-790-8904. We will provide you a completely FREE estimate.

yard debris removal


It seems like we're getting hit with a Hurricane every year, with Ian being a dark reminder how bad it can get.

For all Punta Gorda residents that need yard debris removal from their home or business, let 239 Junk Removal take care of this.

We have been specializing in removing fallen down trees, branches, leaves, and much more since 2021. Our crew will come out and remove exactly what needs to be removed from your yard as early as the day you book us.

Trash & Garbage Pickup

Believe it or not, trash pickup can become a daunting task when the local guy doesn't come. We've seen it all too many times, that is why we offer trash and garbage pickup services for Punta Gorda residents.

We won't let the local garbage company bully you, we will take 99% of any possible junk you'd like to toss, quickly and affordably.

Punta Gorda junk and trash removal is simple and easy, even if it's an emergency. Just give us a call and see how fast we can help you.

storage cleanout service

Storage unit clean-outs

Are you in need of a storage unit cleanout due to needing to make space or, an eviction? Say no more! 239 Junk Removal specializes in complete cleanouts of storage units across all of Punta Gorda. We've helped residents make more room on both ground level and 2nd & 3rd story units. It's as easy as sending us some pictures of all the junk you want hauled away (to 239-790-8904), or better yet, have us come in person and give you a NO OBLIGATION, free QUOTE.


We make it a TOP priority to make sure we serve you as FAST as POSSIBLE. If you call 239 Junk Removal today, we can promise to place your pickup on the next available slot, which can be as early as 2 hours from now.


Are located on one of many open and gated communities within Punta Gorda? You’re in luck, we can service your area. Below are a list of a dozen or two popular communities that 239 Junk Removal has been to in the past 12 months.

  • Burnt Store Lakes
  • Burnt Store Marina
  • Heritage Lake Park
  • Tuscany Isles
  • Rio Villa Lakes
  • Boca Royal Golf Club
  • Venetian Falls
  • Bella Via
  • Haritage Landing
  • Emerald Lakes
  • Ventura Lakes


Are you located in a different part of Charlotte, Lee, or Collier county? No problem, we can serve some of the cities below. 


Sometimes, you’d like to have your junk removal, done at “your own” pace. That is why we offer a rental option where you can have a can dropped off at your location, wherever it is. Below are just a few cities/areas we cover: